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Your Area and Oriental Rugs Need Special Attention

Rugs of all shapes and sizes add beauty to a room

Area and Oriental rugs should NOT get the same treatment as your wall-to-wall carpet!

Just bring them in to our Parma Heights location – 6674 Pearl Road (near W. 130th Street) – for a thorough, professional cleaning!

Here are some photos of a rug we just had in – here’s what it looked like when it came in:

Here’s what it looked like after we cleaned it!!!!!

The rug I brought in to be cleaned was a dream purchase I made less than a year ago and foolishly placed under a dining table where my family of 4 including 2 children under 5 eat. I thought it was ruined and destined for the trash, but I know that Antonius Bros. has worked wonders on my carpets and upholstery, so I brought it in. I am so happy to have my new rug back. It is perfectly clean and being a rug, I knew it was stained all the way through and is now clean, front and back. I appreciate the thoroughness and am so happy to have such a source as Antonius Bros. to rely on.” Jennifer B., Bay Village

Many area rugs such as fine Oriental rugs are very costly and are made from fragile natural fibers, dyes, and foundation materials that cannot be cleaned in the way we usually clean synthetic carpets (such as nylon, olefin and polyester).

Most professional carpet cleaning systems involve the use of high heat, high water pressure, extreme agitation, and intense chemical activity. Most area rugs cannot be cleaned using these tactics. A more gentle “hand washing” process must be used to safely clean area rugs.

Because more time is involved in hand washing and more complex cleaning products must be utilized to avoid damaging the fibers and dyes, you would expect that area rug cleaning would be more costly than standard carpet cleaning. It is.

What a fantastic job you all did on those horrible carpets I brought you!  You are amazing!  Thank you so much.  You know I’m coming back!” – Joyce Dickson, Columbia Station


Because of the dense pile construction of area rugs, dirt particles work their way down through the fibers – to the backing foundation of the rug where they cannot be removed by ordinary vacuuming.

This loose grit wreaks havoc on your rug’s delicate fibers, causing a cutting abrasive action as you walk on the rug. Abrasion accounts for fiber loss (wear) and embedded soil stains.

Other types of soil including food particles and pet oils “hide” in the dense pile, making your rugs an ideal haven for germs, bacteria, and other nasty creatures such as dust mites!

Dust mites are too small to be seen but are the most common cause of year-round allergy and asthma. They live in mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, furniture, bedcovers and clothes – anywhere they can feed on dead flakes of human skin.

All foreign pollutants in your rugs should be removed by professional cleaning on a regular basis to keep your rugs “healthy.”

We use a unique and thorough high-volume clear water rinse extraction process. You see, the amount of water used to clean area rugs is directly proportional to the amount of soil removed in the rinsing process.


All you need to do is bring your rugs to our plant located at:

6674 Pearl Road, Parma Heights, OH 44130

High traffic area and Oriental rugs should be cleaned professionally at least once a year – lower traffic rugs might be able to go 2-3 years between professional cleanings. Don’t wait until it looks dirty – you can’t see all the accumulation of dirt and soil. This is what we will do:

Step 1 – Pre-inspection at drop off

When you bring your rug into the plant, we will need you to provide whatever information you can about the rug. It helps us to know what type of rug it is, the approximate value of the rug, and any additional information you have – such as spills or stains.

Step 2 – Dry Soil Removal

Rugs hide dry soil every bit as well as carpeting does. A special vacuuming technique, applied to both sides, along with other special equipment in our plant removes the dry soil that is hidden throughout. Rugs should be vacuumed regularly in the home, but that won’t remove the deepest soil. Only a professional cleaning with proper equipment will remove deeply embedded dirt.

Step 3 – Pre-Condition

Depending on the fiber content of the rug, as well as what soils are involved, the rug will be pre-treated to loosen the oily soils that are still attached to the fibers.

Step 4 – Pre-Spot and Fringe Preparation

In our plant, we stock numerous professional strength spot removal products. Each one is specially formulated to remove specific types of spots and stains. Our pre-treatment step increases the potential for removal of even the most stubborn stains. Rug fringe can also capture stains in the small fibers, and often will require pre-treating as well.

Step 5 – Cleaning

The best procedure for cleaning each individual rug is determined when the rugs arrive at the plant. We have several different cleaning methods all of which are designed to achieve the best possible results.

Step 6 – Drying Process

Special air-moving machines have been designed to provide the optimal air flow required to dry a rug thoroughly and quickly. Proper drying techniques will help to prevent shrinkage.

Step 7 – Finishing

When the rug is completely dry, it is groomed throughout to ensure that it looks amazing when you unroll it and lay it on your floor.

Step 8 – Final Inspection

After the rug is dried and has been groomed, it will undergo a full visual inspection to make sure the results are the best possible. At that time, it will be rolled up, tied and we will call you to come and pick up your rug.

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